Thursday, January 3, 2008

Sooji Kesari


Sooji 1 cup
Ghee 4 teaspoons
Sugar 2 cups
Cashews 15


1 Heat the frying pan and pour ghee in it.
2 Fry the sooji in ghee till it turns light brown.
3 Pour 11/2 cup boiling water in it and stir continuosly till the sooji is cooked.
4 Add sugar and be stirring .Do not stop stirring orelse bumps will be formed.
5 Wait until it comes without sticking to the pan.
6 Add a pinch of kesari powder or turmeric powder and stir it once and remove.
7 Fry the cashews in ghee and garnish the kesari with it.

This is a very simple and yummy sweet.Try and taste it.