Thursday, January 1, 2009

New Year with Bisibela Bath

Hi Friends!HAPPY NEW YEAR!!.Let this year bring all the happiness and wealth to all of us.
It is obviously been a long time i blogged and today being the first day of a new year i decided to blog ,hopefully regularly and here comes my husband's favorite Bisibela Bath.

Rice------------1 1/2 cup
Toor Dhal------- 1/2 cup
Beans carrot----1 cup
Peas------------1/2 cup
Sambhar Onion---1 cup
Okra------------1 cup

For Masala
Coriander Seeds------2 spoon
Red Chili------------6
Fenugreek------------1/4 spoon
Coconut--------------1 cup
Tamarind--------------one lemon sized ball.

For Seasoning:
Cumin Seeds----------1/2 spoon
Mustard--------------1/2 spoon


Cook the dhal and rice.
Heat oil in the kadai and fry all the ingredients for masala.Add coconut last because it need not be deep fried.
Take another big vast vessel and pour little oil and after the oil is heated add the seasoning.Add the onion and then add all the vegetables and fry it for some time.
Then add the tamarind water along with little salt,turmeric powder and little asafoetida.
Allow it to boil for some time.Mean while grind all the fried masala ingredients.
Add it to the tamarind water and allow it to cook for some time.
When it is almost cooked add the cooked dhal to it and allow it to boil for sometime.
Switch off the stove and mix the rice with the sambhar.Add 2 spoons ghee and 1 spoon ginger oil and mix it thoroughly.

Tada! Bisibela Bath is ready.
It tastes good with raitha and chips.
This is so easy and really a very delicious dish!!

Again friends,I wish you all a very happy 2009!!May God bless us all!!


Usha said...

Looks really good, this is one of my faves too. A Very Happy New Year to you, hope you have a wonderful 2009 :-)

Uma said...

Happy new year to yo and your family too! bbb looks so delicious.

Sukanya Ramkumar said...

Bisibela bath is my fav. Look so good. Nice recipe...

Nithu said...

I love Bisebela badh. Lucky that I get to taste your food being in the same apartment. Happy New Year

Shri said...

Thank you girls for your lovely comments

Anonymous said...

Ginger oil..? WHats that..?

Sajana said...

Hey Sri... I tried bisibela bath today... i didnt have ginger oil but it came out really well... my hubby even rated it as an EXCELLENT dish!!! so the credit goes to you... thanks for the recipe :-)...