Friday, June 6, 2008

Brinjal Pitla

This is another way of making brinjal.This is really a very good healthy dish.Here you go,

Brinjal---------------7 to 8
Red Chili------------3 or 4
Chenna Dhal-----------1 spoon
Urad dhal-------------1/2 spoon
Coriander seeds-------2 spoon
Cumin seeds-----------1/4 spoon
coconut---------------1 cup

Cut the brinjals into small pieces and cook in tamrind water along with salt and little turmeric powder.
Fry the ingredients except coconut in little oil
Grind the, along with coconut coarsely.
After the brinjal is cooked well,add this grounded one to the brinjal and allow it to cook for few minutes.
Remove from heat and serve with rice.

This can be made so thick or little watery.usually i make it watery ,this time i made it little bit thick.Both tastes good.Try this and let me know your valuable comments.


Sukanya Ramkumar said...

This is a very nice brinjal recipes. Never tried this before. Looks YUM....

notyet100 said...

new recipe,..newname,..looks good..

Sunshinemom said...

From the ingredients and the recipe, I am sure this tastes damn good:)

Uma said...

delicious pitla.

Sagari said...

very nice recipe yummm

Vani said...

Sounds delicious! I hated brinjal as a kid but now can't get enough of! :)

Shri said...

My mom makes this often because only then i will eat brinjal.Thank you girls for your lovely comments.

Priya said...

Nice recipe, never heard of this one. Thanks for sharing. btw, Shri, my name is Priya, you have congratulated Uma :-) but yes Uma won the first place, her bell pepper rings rock.