Wednesday, August 27, 2008

A very Long weekend with an award and Maaladu

It has been a long time since i wrote something in my blog.This long weekend started for us on thursday itself.We took my in-laws to Newyork and Niagra.They enjoyed the trip a lot.We had lots of fun.It is the first time for me too to visit these places.It was so lovable.

Lot of recipes are pending to get into my blog.But now-a-days ,i am so busy that i hardly get time to sit with my laptop.So my krishna jeyanthi celebration comes so late on vinayaka chathurthi in my page.

This year krishna jeyanthi was so nice having my inlaws with me.My mom in law taught me all the snacks that Lord krishna likes and we both made them.I think i can post them individually so that you all can make it and enjoy.
Today i will start with my favorite and simple tasty maaladu.

I am also so happy to get an award from Easy Crafts.She has a very good cooking blog along with many other interesting blogs.Thank you EC.I am passing this award to Shriya and Nithu ,lothi,madhuram ,aartee

Now lets move on to the recipe.

Chana Dalia ------------3 cups
Ghee--------------------1/2 cup
Roasted Cashews.

Fry the chana Dalia (pottu kadalai)lightly to remove the moist.
Grind it to a fine powder
Grind the sugar and make powder it.
Now mix them both along with roasted cashews and then make it as laddu.

This was the first sweet i made after my wedding and this is so simple you can make it any time.


Usha said...

This is one of my favorite sweets and one of the first ones I attempted when I started cooking,love its simplicity and taste..yours looks delicious..BTW just got to your blog from Lothi's while blog hopping,you have a nice blog :)

Nithu said...

Thats a lvely laddu which is my favourite too. As shri stay close to me, I got to taste those ladoos. They were wonderful. Thanks for the lovely award shri.

lothi said...

Laddu luks yummy & a simple recipe...thnx for sharing shri! So njoying ur trip with ur in-laws..
Once again thnx for the award shri very sweet of u..

Uma said...

Happy Vinayaka Chaturthi Shri! Laddu looks delicious. Congrats on the awards.

Madhuram said...

Did you visit the Canadian side of the falls? Last month we took my mother there and it was awesom. Festivals are especially special here when we have our family around. Have a great time and thank you for passing the award to me.

Aartee said...