Thursday, April 24, 2008

Winter Melon Kootu

This is one of the favorite side dish for my husband.My mother in law is an expert in this and i got this recipe from her.It really does tastes good.


Winter Pumpkin---------------1 cup
tamarind paste---------------1 spoon
cooked chana Dhal or Toor Dhal.

To fry and grind
Coriander Seed--------------2 spoons
Chana Dhal------------------2 spoons
Urad dhal-------------------2 spoons
Asafoetida------------------1/4 spoon
Red Chilli------------------3
Cocunut---------------------3/4 cup

1 Fry the above and grind it.
2 While grinding add the tomato and grind it.
3 Fry the winter melon (white Pumpkin) for a few seconds
4 Allow it to cook in tamarind paste.
5 When it is mostly cooked add the masala (we grinded),salt,little turmeric powder.
6 Cook for some time till it is not so thick or watery.
7 Finally add the cooked dhal and mix it thoroughly.
8 We can also add some fried peanuts in it.

This is really good when we mix with hot rice.Try it and dont forget to post the comments.


Roopa said...

You know I never tried those american grocery storeswala typical veggies, but I never knew that Winter Melon was our very own "Kumbalanga" (in malayalam) :) Now I will definitly buy it. Your post looks lovely:)

Shri said...

I am happy that you will taste a new vegetable.It is really good during summer.