Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Green Peas Bath and an award

I am so happy to share with you guys a very easy and yummy recipe.This recipe belongs to one of my best friend Krupa.She is a very cute girl who still admires mickey mouse and Donald Duck.She is indeed a great cook too.We went to her home for dinner and she made this.No surprise we all fell love with this rice.My husband liked this a lot and i made this for his birthday.

While posting this i also wanted to share a few words about "We",i mentioned in the first paragraph.We are four sweet friends(Shri,Gayathri,Sajana and Krupa) married and living in the same block. We are like a family now and all the girls are cured from their home sick.Touch Wood!Thank God for making us know each other and we pray that this relation should last forever.

Ok,here is the recipe,:)

Basmati Rice------------2 cups
Chopped Cilantro--------2 cups
Coconut-----------------1/4 cup
Green Chili-------------2
Ginger Garlic Paste-----2 spoons.
Cinnamon (optional)-----1 stick
Cloves------------------4 or 5
Green Peas--------------1 cup

Cook the Basmati rice and keep it separately.
Grind the cilantro,coconut,chili,ginger garlic paste,cinnamon,cloves as a paste like chutney.
Heat the pan with little ghee and oil and fry onion,tomato.
When the onion is pinkish,add the green peas.If you are a big fan for peas you can add little more than i have mentioned.
Then add the grounded paste and allow it to cook.
Mix it thoroughly with salt and let it cook till the aroma arises.
Now add the cooked rice and mix it well.

Thats it..Ta da.your rice is ready.

I am sending this to easycraft's Mixed Rice Varities Event on behalf of "WE"

has passed an award to me.It is really so sweet and so encouraging when we receive such award.Thank you dear friends.


Rajitha said...

yum! the rice looks delicious..loves the color too..btw. congrats on the award :)

Laavanya said...

What a beautiful colour that rice has... It's so nice to know that you 4 friends are staying closeby even after getting married - that's just a beautiful coincidence - lucky gals :)

Jamie said...

Shri, this dish looks amazing and healthy! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog!

sowmya said...

looks tasty...nice entry..

Kumudha said...

Green peas path looks divine!

Thanks for sharing this recipe.

lothi said...

Congrats for ur award shri!
Green peas luks yummy and awesome...

Jayashree said...

Looks so nice and green...

Hima said...

That looks awesome. Got to give it a try.

bharathi said...

Mouth watering stuff..:)Looks yummy.

skribles said...

love the green color to the rice/pulao ... yummy :)

Shri said...

Thank you rajitha,jamie,sowmya,kumudha,jayashree,hima ,bharathi,skribles.
Lavanya,thanks .
Lothi,Thanks and congrats on your award too.

Sireesha said...

Hi Shri,First time at ur blog .U have nice and lovely blog...The dish looks healthy and tasty.....Gr8 entry

easycrafts said...

Loved the green colour of the rice..thanks for participating

Shri said...

Thanks sireesha,and EC