Thursday, August 21, 2008

Hot Plantain mix

This is a very simple and different recipe.You can mix this with rice and it really tastes good.This is my mom-in-law's favorite and she made this recently.It was awesome and i bet you will like this.

Urad dhal-------------1/2 cup
channa dhal-----------1 spoon
Red Chili-------------2 or 3 (depends on how hot you eat)

Cook the plantain nicely.
Fry the dhals and chili together and grind along with salt and make it as a fine powder
Now crush the plantain to small pieces and mix it along with the powder with little coconut oil.
This tastes so good with hot rice.

Try this once and let me know your valuable comments.


Hima said...

Sounds interesting and yummy.. I am hosting an event called Sunday Snacks, please try to post any recipe for that event too.

Vibaas said...

hi my aunt used to make this. it looks very nice and yum! thx for reminding of this recipe :)

Cham said...
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Cham said...

Never heard or tasted plantain mix before. I cam imagine the taste with some hot rice :)

FoodyGuru (Srimathi) said...

I was thinking that it was a breakfast thing when I clicked on the post. Wow! I have never heard of this one. Interesting.

Aartee said...

wow shri! cool recipe, will surely try it out. amma samayal enjoy panraenu sollu.... and welcome back

Shri said...

Sure hima,will do.
Vibaas..i am so happy to remind you old recipes.
Cham..thanx..sure do taste.
Srimathi..yes this is a nice tasty one.

notyet100 said...

new for me,...hppy janmasthmi...:-)