Saturday, May 31, 2008

Tomato Kurma

This is one of my favorite side dish for chappathi.It really tastes so good and add an additional taste to chappathi or rice.

Coconut------------1/2 cup
Red Chili----------3
Cumin seeds--------1/2 spoon
Mustard Seeds------1/2 spoon
Urad dhal----------1/2 spoon

Cook the tomatoes along with salt and little turmeric powder.
Grind the coconut,cumin seeds and chili together with very little water.
After the tomatoes are cooked add the grinded ones with it and stir continuously.
After aroma arises remove from heat.
Fry the seasonings and add to it.

This is so simple and so tasty.I am sending this to Spicytasty's Fortune cooking contest.

Friday, May 30, 2008

Beans Paruppu Usili

This is one of my favorite dish.My mom makes this so good.Though i didn't get it as perfect as my mom,mine tastes good and have my own fans for this dish.


Beans-------------------2 cups
Toor Dhal---------------1 cup
Red Chili---------------2

Cook the chopped beans with salt.
Soak the Toor Dhal for 30 min and then grind it along with chili and little salt and asafoetida.
Heat the frying pan and pour 3 spoons of oil .
After the oil is heated put the grinded dhal and mix it .
It will split and gets cooked.
Now add the beans and mix it thoroughly.
You may add little more oil and so it does not go dry soon.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Poori Kilangu

It has been a very long time i made poori.My husband and i are great fans of poori.So i made it last night for dinner.I thought i will share it with you all.It is really a very yummy tiffen,and is so rare to see people whom hate poori.

Ingredients for Poori:

Wheat Flour-----------------2 cups
Sooji-----------------------1 cup
Oil for frying

Ingredients for Kilangu:

Onion-----------------------1 cup
Green Chili-----------------2
Chenna Dhal-----------------1 spoon

Procedure for making Poori:

Mix the flour and sooji with water and salt.
While adding water ,add little by little.
The dough should be moist but not so wet.
Leave the dough for 30 min.
Then make small even balls and press it and fry it.

Procedure for making Kilangu:
Cook the potatoes and smash it without lumps.
Heat the pan with little oil and add the seasonings.
Fry the onion,chili and then add the potatoes and salt.
Mix it thoroughly and add little water.
When it looks like gravy but not so watery remove from heat.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Simple Vegetable Briyani

I was so lazy to cook today after long weekend.So i made this simple briyani.It is a very good dish with raitha for lunch.Here you go!

Onion-------------------1/2 cup
Chopped Beans-----------1/2 cup
Chopped Carrot----------1/2 cup
Peas--------------------1/4 cup
Cauliflower-------------1/2 cup
Briyani Masala----------1 spoon
Ginger Garlic Paste-----1 spoon
cashews-----------------5 or 6
Basmati Rice------------1 1/2 cup
Ghee for frying

Heat the ghee and fry the cashews.
In the same oil fry the onions,tomato and all the vegetables.
Add the ginger garlic paste,cloves and masala and mix them.
Wash the rice and add to this and fry them and mix it thoroughly.
Put it in the electric cooker along with salt and let it cook.

Please remove the rice from the cooker immediately it is cooked.
Small Potato pieces can also be added.

This is so simple and we can take a nap while the rice is getting cooked .

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Masala Vada

I usually make vada with urad dhal and yesterday i wanted to make Masala Vada and surprise my husband.It came out so crispy and was so good.It reminded me the vada i use to eat in my hometown.I tried to make it with a hole,i made a few like that and the rest i just made it as it came.Here you go!

Chenna Dhal-------------2 cups
Red Chili---------------3
Onion-------------------1/2 cup
Oil for frying

Soak the dhal for 1/2 an hour.
Then grind it along with salt and chili,do not grind it so smoothly.
Then add the chopped onion and fry it.

I added some spinach in it and it was so nice.(second pic)

We can also add chopped carrot or beetroot along with the onion.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Brinjal Roast

Brinjal is one of all time favorite for my husband.My mom used to make this and i made it for the first time .It was so spicy and tasty.Try it once.

Brinjal---------------7 or 8
Chenna Dhal-----------2 spoons
Urad Dhal-------------1 spoons
Red Chili-------------3
Coriander Seeds-------3 spoons

Cut the brinjals lengthwise and cook it in microwave for 7 min.
Fry chenna,urad dhal,coriander seeds and chili and then grind it to powder along with salt.
Fry the cooked brinjal in little oil for 3min and then add the powder.
Mix it thoroughly and fry it with little more oil for 10 min.
Serve it with hot rice.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Pumpkin Sweet

It is since a long time i made sweets,so i decided to make halwa with white pumpkin.But the output was not halwa but a very tasty sweet.My husband liked it a lot and ate the whole box.Try this once and i bet you will also like it.

Winter Melon (white Pumpkin)-----------------2 cups
Milk-----------------------------------------1 1/4 cup
Sugar----------------------------------------1 1/2 cup
Ghee-----------------------------------------5 spoons.
Cardamom powder------------------------------1 spoon

Cut the winter melon into small dices.
First fry the cashew in ghee and keep aside.
Fry the pumpkin pieces in ghee for a few minutes and then add milk along with cardamom.
Stir continuously so that the pumpkin gets cooked and dissolve in milk.
When the pumpkin is three fourth cooked add the sugar and keep on stirring.
When it is about to come out of the vessel add the ghee and mix it thoroughly and change it to a greased vessel.

Cardamom gives a wonderful flavor to this sweet.I would like to post this recipe for the think spice-cardamom event.
This is really a very good dessert and tastes yummy.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Triveni Kurma

Yesterday i decided to have nan for dinner and was thinking about the side dish.I didn't have any idea before i started cooking this.But had a confidence it will be tasty.I was so eagerly waiting for the comments from my husband.He really appreciated it and had an extra nan just for the curry.I was so flattered.Try this and get the same good comments from your loved ones.

Gobi--------------------1 cup
Paneer------------------8 cubes
Green chili-------------1
Cumin seeds-------------1/2 spoon
Fennel seeds------------1/2 spoon
salt--------------------1 1/2 spoon
Chili powder------------1 spoon
Garam Masala------------1 spoon
Ginger Garlic Paste-----1 spoon

Heat Oil and add fennel seeds cumin seeds and green chilis.
Then fry onion and tomatoes till onion turns golden brown.
Cook Potatoes and cut them into small pieces before you start this.
Add Potatoes and Gobi and fry them along with onion.
Add Chili powder,garam masala,ginger garlic paste and mix them thoroughly.
When the aroma arises add paneer and salt and mix them.
Add water and allow them to cook.
cook till gobi gets cooked well.Paneer may break into pieces.But thats what add taste.
At last if you want you can add little whipped cream or just leave like that.
It really tastes good.

I named it Triveni kurma because it is a mixture of Aloo,Gobi and Paneer.
Try this and tell me.

Monday, May 12, 2008


Adai is a very famous kind of dosa in south India.I love this with aviyal.It is really a perfect combination and tastes yummy.Give it a try!

Raw Rice----------------2 cups
Urad Dhal---------------1/2 cup
Moong Dhal--------------1/2 cup
Toor Dhal---------------1 cup
Chana Dhal--------------1/2 cup
Red Chili---------------4 or 5
Green Chili-------------1 (lengthy)
Curry leaves

Soak the rice and the dhals for an hour and then while grinding add the chilis and curry leaves with less water.The dough should not be so soft,it should be little rough.Before making the dosa add salt and mix it thoroughly.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Yummy Blog Award

This is one of the best day in my blog.I received the "YUMMY BLOG AWARD" from and nithu,its so nice of you to pass this award to me.

Roopa of My Kitchen started this award and she says : “Yummy blog award is the award given to the blog with most yummy recipes/photos”

Rules for the ‘Yummy Blog’ award Receiver:
The person who receives the award should display the “Yummy Blog !” logo on their blog and also the meaning of the award which is “Yummy blog award is the award given to the blog with most yummy recipes/photos”. The receiver should also quote their favorite yummy-licious :) dessert(s) that they have ever prepared/eaten.

My favorite desserts are:
1 Sooji Kesari
2 Carrot Halwa
3 Mysore Pak
4 Semiya Kheer
5 Gulab jamun
6 SonPapdi

There are many bloggers with so tasty recipes.I am so excited to pass this award to the following friends.

Divya Vikram
Shuba Ravikoti
Prema Sundar


Aviyal is one of my favorite dish.My husband also likes it.It is really a very healthy dish with all vegetables.Here you go.

Coconut------------1 cup
Cumin seeds--------1 spoon
Green chili--------3

Cut all the vegetables lengthwise and cook them together.
Add pinch of turmeric powder and salt while cooking.
Grind the coconut,cumin seeds,green chili together by adding little water.
When the vegetables are mostly cooked add the paste and mix it throughly.
Garnish with curry leaves.
At the end add little coconut oil for fragrance.

Avial is the best combination of Adai,Rasam rice..
Guess what is my next post.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Gobi Wings

Yesterday my husband came so tired and i wanted to give him something to boost him up.I had just cauliflower and i tried this dish.This came out so good and the taste was so great.
Friends,you have to try this.

Besan-----------------------5 spoons
Rice flour-----------------2 spoon
Sooji-----------------------3 spoon
Corn flour-----------------3 spoon
Chili powder----------------1 spoon
Salt------------------------1 1/2 spoon
Cauliflower-----------------1 cup
Oil for frying

Mix all the flours,chili powder ,salt and add water.
The batter should be not so thick or watery.
Soak the cauliflowers in the batter till the oil gets heated.
Fry the gobi and serve hot.
Any chutney or sauce will be a good company to this.

I am sending for monthly mingle event of mansi.

Monday, May 5, 2008

Mysore Pak

This is a very traditional sweet.I like this a lot.My cousin came to my place for this weekend and i wanted to make something i made this and it was so tasty though i didn't get the perfect shape.All my friends liked it.


Besan--------------1 cup
Ghee---------------2 cups
Sugar--------------2 cups

Lightly fry the besan till the raw smell goes off.
Add sugar to boiling water to make the sugar syrup(syrup should be like thin string)
Add the fried besan and mix it thoroughly.Add ghee in steps.
Keep on stirring continuously .
When it comes off of the vessel,remove from heat and transfer to a plate greased with ghee.
After it cooled down cut into pieces.

You can taste very good mysore pak.If you want it to be more soft add little more ghee.You will love this .

Onion Sambhar

Onion Sambhar is a very common weekend dish.It is really so good with potato roast.My friend asked for the recipe and here you go.

Small Onion-----------------2 cups
Tamrind paste---------------1 spoon
Toor Dhal-------------------3/4 cup
Mustard seeds---------------1 spoon
Sambar Powder---------------3 spoons
Salt------------------------1 spoon

You can get any sambhar powder for this.Also you can make the sambhar powder.I will post the method soon.

Heat little oil and fry mustard seeds,onion and tomatoes.
Fry the onions till it turn light brown.
Then add the tamrind water and add little turmeric powder and salt
After some 2 min add the sambar powder and let it boil for 15 to 20 min.
After the aroma arises add the cooked and mashed toordal and allow it to boil for 5 min.
Sambhar is ready.
Likewise you can make other sambhars with different vegetable like carrot,lady's finger .

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Chenna Masala

Chenna Masala is a good side dish for chappathi.It contains more protein and fiber.I like this dish a lot.It is so easy to make.

Kabuli Chenna----------------2 cups
Chopped Onion----------------1 cup
Cumin and mustard seeds------1 spoon
Corriander Powder------------1/2 spoon
Garam Masala-----------------1 spoon
Chilli Powder----------------2 spoons
Turmeric Powder--------------1/2 spoon
Ginger Paste-----------------1 spoon
Garlic Paste(optional)-------1 spoon
Salt-------------------------1 1/2 spoon


Soak the chenna in water for some 8-12 hrs.
Cook the chenna in Pressure cooker and leave 2 whistle.Make sure that it does not cook fully.
Heat Oil in a frying pan and add cumin and mustard seeds.
Fry the onions till it turn light brown.
Add the tomatoes and all the masala powders,ginger paste and mix it thoroughly.
After the aroma arises add the cooked chenna.
Add the chilli powder and salt.
Add 1 cup of water and allow it to cook for some 10 min in medium heat.

Now garnish with cilantro and serve with hot chappathi or bread.