Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Happy Day with semiya Payasam

Yesterday was a memorable and important day in my life.It was my first wedding anniversary.I couldn't believe it is one year,i got married.The days went so fast.Married life is so different from our spinster life.Lots of fun,laugh,little quarrels,tears,hugs....what not.I have learned a lot in this period.I have got many relatives,friends and this lovely blog.I have cooked just once before marraige but now cooking daily and in the position of sharing my recipes with friends.This is something great.I should really appreciate my honey for tasting all of my dishes.So on this happy day i made good food for him which included sambhar,rasam,poriyal,fries and the sweet semiya payasam.

We really liked it and i thought i will share my happiness with my dear bloggers.
Here comes the recipe

Semiya---------------3/4 cup
Milk-----------------1 1/2 cup
Sugar----------------1 3/4 cups
ghee-----------------2 spoons
condensed milk-------1/4 cup
cashews--------------7 to 8
water----------------2 cups

Heat the ghee and fry the broken cashews and keep aside.
Then fry the semiya till it turns golden brown.
Add water to it and allow it to cook.
when the semiya is almost cooked,add the milk and sugar and stir it continuously.
When everything gets mixed add the condensed milk and stir it.
In few minutes it will be cooked and will be ready to overflow.
Remove from heat and garnish with cashews.

You can taste the yummy semiya payasam.I bet this will be the simple and best dessert.


sowmya said...

happy anniversary..yes .. too learned a lot(importance of commitment and relations) after m'age...semiya payasam looks yummy

shriya said...

Happy belated anniversary and happy B'day to arun. Hope you guys have fun.Semiya payasam recipe is very good.

Uma said...

Happy first anniversary, Shri! Semiya payasam is a great idea to celebrate the occasion.

skribles said...

Wish u a happy anniversary ... semiya payasam is wonderful for celebration :)

Cham said...

Happy Anniversary, hope u had a great time , good 2 celebrate with sweet :)

Niveditha said...

Happy Anniversary Shri...the payasam is delectable....still the celebrations of my 1st anniversary lingers in my mind

Sagari said...

hope you had a wonderfull aniversary

Simran said...

Happy Anniversay Shri! This is a nice dish to celebrate with.

Shri said...

Thanks a lot for your wishes...sowmya,shriya,uma,skribles,cham,nivedita,sagari and simran.I am so happy to hear your wishes.Thank you girls.

Vani said...

Happy anniversary! Many many more happy returns! Can't go wrong with condensed milk in any payasa. Looks yum! :)

Shri said...

thanks vani!!

Anonymous said...

very useful really good information thanks for posting such a good information it will hepls the people a lot keep it up , Regards,
Semiya upma