Monday, June 16, 2008

Vegetable Chappathi

It is been a week since i wrote in my blog.I was so busy in rearranging my home .I prepared this last week ,but i didnt have time to share .It was so tasty and soft also so simple.Here you go buddies!!

Wheat flour------------------------4cup
Grated Carrot----------------------2 cup
Spinach----------------------------1 cup

Mix the wheat flour,carrot,spinach,salt with water and make the dough.
Then just roll it as normal chappathi and cook them.
Apply little butter when removing from heat.
This makes the chappathi so soft.

This is a very easy recipe and is so healthy.I am sending this to srivalli's Roti mela.


Srivalli said...

Oh,,those chapatis look good..thanks for the entries..

skribles said...

those chapatis seem soft and yummy. thanks for sharing - nice recipe :)

bharathi said...

Healthy and Yummy-Diet recipe :)

Trupti said...

chapati looks delicious. thanks for sharing this recipe

Uma said...

delicious and healthy chapathis.

Sagari said...

yummy and healthy chapathis

Shri said...

Thank you dear friends

Vanamala said...

sounds good...nice & different

LG said...

Vegetable chapathi taste good and healthy too.

Aartee said...

nice chapatis shri! they look yummy