Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Triveni Kurma

Yesterday i decided to have nan for dinner and was thinking about the side dish.I didn't have any idea before i started cooking this.But had a confidence it will be tasty.I was so eagerly waiting for the comments from my husband.He really appreciated it and had an extra nan just for the curry.I was so flattered.Try this and get the same good comments from your loved ones.

Gobi--------------------1 cup
Paneer------------------8 cubes
Green chili-------------1
Cumin seeds-------------1/2 spoon
Fennel seeds------------1/2 spoon
salt--------------------1 1/2 spoon
Chili powder------------1 spoon
Garam Masala------------1 spoon
Ginger Garlic Paste-----1 spoon

Heat Oil and add fennel seeds cumin seeds and green chilis.
Then fry onion and tomatoes till onion turns golden brown.
Cook Potatoes and cut them into small pieces before you start this.
Add Potatoes and Gobi and fry them along with onion.
Add Chili powder,garam masala,ginger garlic paste and mix them thoroughly.
When the aroma arises add paneer and salt and mix them.
Add water and allow them to cook.
cook till gobi gets cooked well.Paneer may break into pieces.But thats what add taste.
At last if you want you can add little whipped cream or just leave like that.
It really tastes good.

I named it Triveni kurma because it is a mixture of Aloo,Gobi and Paneer.
Try this and tell me.


Felcy said...

Sounds simple and looks great!!! Thanks for sharing.

kamala said...

Nice name...and the dish toooo

TBC said...

I like the name! :D

Uma said...

lovely recipe with a nice name!

Shubha Ravikoti said...

The name itself is delicious... will surely try it...:D Nice recipe.... Adding a bit of cream and mayve some raisins will add to the flavour....:D and maybe also some capsicum/green pepper.

shriya said...

Love the combination of veggies shri and the name is very unique. Looks very delicious,how could your hubby not like it. :-)

Sagari said...

curry looks deleciousss

Shri said...

Thank you girls for your comments.
Yes Shubha,you can add more ingredients to add taste.

Meera said...

Looks lovely, dear! Even the name "Triveni Kurma" is so sweet.

Sukanya Ramkumar said...

Hi Shri...
First time to ur blog... U have nice recipes in ur blog... The triveni kurma looks so good... YUM!...