Thursday, May 29, 2008

Poori Kilangu

It has been a very long time i made poori.My husband and i are great fans of poori.So i made it last night for dinner.I thought i will share it with you all.It is really a very yummy tiffen,and is so rare to see people whom hate poori.

Ingredients for Poori:

Wheat Flour-----------------2 cups
Sooji-----------------------1 cup
Oil for frying

Ingredients for Kilangu:

Onion-----------------------1 cup
Green Chili-----------------2
Chenna Dhal-----------------1 spoon

Procedure for making Poori:

Mix the flour and sooji with water and salt.
While adding water ,add little by little.
The dough should be moist but not so wet.
Leave the dough for 30 min.
Then make small even balls and press it and fry it.

Procedure for making Kilangu:
Cook the potatoes and smash it without lumps.
Heat the pan with little oil and add the seasonings.
Fry the onion,chili and then add the potatoes and salt.
Mix it thoroughly and add little water.
When it looks like gravy but not so watery remove from heat.


Sagari said...

delecious puri and curry shri

kamala said...

The combo looks mouthwatering Shri..Thanks for sharing

Vani said...

Adding rawa to puri dough is different! Must try it sometime.

Madhavi said...

Very nice recipe, puri and curry looks yummy!!!

Swati Raman Garg said...

even i like adding sooji to my dough..

Shri said...

Thank u buddies.Sooji is added so that poori is so soft and comes buff...

Srivalli said...

Ahh...all time favorite!..looks yummy