Saturday, April 12, 2008

Chenna Samosa Chat

Chat items are really liked by all.I did it for a dinner party and all liked it.


Imli chutney
Corriander chutney.

Let us see how to make each of this.


You can buy frozen samosas and fry it.
Orelse you can make samosas

Ingredients for Samosa Filling:

Potatoes------------4 ( medium sized)
Peas----------------1 cup
Onions--------------2 (big)
Green chilli--------2
Cumin seeds---------1 spoon
GaramMasala---------1 spoon
Corriander powder---1 spoon
Chilli Powder-------1/2 spoon
GingerGarlic Paste--1 spoon
Turmeric Powder

Cook Potatoes and Peas .
Heat the pan and fry onions,cuminseeds,green chilli.
After it turned golden brown add the cooked vegetables.
Add the masala,ginger garlic paste and other powders along with salt and mix it well.
Now the filling for samosa is ready.

Samosa Cover:

Ingredients :

Maida-----------4 cups
Ghee------------2 spoons
Baking Powder

Mix the ghee with a pinch of baking powder.
When bubbles are formed add maida and salt and mix it together and make a soft dough.
Fold the dough like a triangle and fill it with the mixture and fry it.

For chole:

Soak the chenna for 10 hrs.
Cook it in cooker and allow it for 3 whistles.
After some time fry the cuminseeds,sombu,onion,tomatoes,garam masala,dry mango powder.After it is fried add the chenna and mix it thoroughly.
Chole is ready

Now let us make the chutneys.

Imli Chutney;

Imli-----------------2 spoons of imli paste.
salt-----------------1 1/2 teaspoon
sugar----------------3/4 teaspoon
black pepper powder---1/4 spoon

Mix the paste with water and make it watery.
Add the rest and mix it well.

Coriander chutney

Coriander leaves-----1 bunch
Garlic cloves--------2
Ginger---------------1/2 "
Green Chilli---------2

Grind all the ingredients and the chutney is ready.

Now we can arrange the chat

First put chole
Pour the imli chutney
Put the samosa pieces
Put the coriander chutney
Put chole and continue this .

For Garnishing

Put some chopped onions,coriander leaves and nylon sev.

Now the chat is ready and tastes yummy.


Roopa said...

that looks absolutely gorgeus:) I love chat !

Shri said...

It also tasted so good,i made it for a dinner and all our friends loved it.