Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Pongal with special Sweet Pongal

Pongal is a very important function for tamilians.We decorate the vessel by tieing turmeric around it and keep kumkum on it. We make sweet pongal in milk this day.It tastes too good.This year Pongal came out so tasty and it was so nice.


Milk---------------3 cups
Water--------------1 cup
Rice---------------1 cup
Jaggery------------3 1/2 cup
Ghee---------------2 spoons

Heat the milk and let it boil well.When it boils and the level raises we scream "Pongalo Pongal"
Now add the rice.Wash the rice before you add to the milk.
Now add the water and keep on stirring.
The rice should cook well in milk.
The taste of milk increases the taste to the pongal.
It will take nearly 20 to 30 min for the rice to get cooked.
Once the rice is cooked,add the jaggery to it and reduce the heat.
At this point we got to be so careful,we should keep on stirring or else the bottom of the vessel will be burnt.
Add the ghee and keep on stirring.
When it is mixed totally remove from heat and add the cashews and raisins.

Pongal is ready.Normally we don't add milk but only on this occasion,we cook the rice in milk.I can see you all craving after reading.Make it once and enjoy :)

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Shreya said...

nice pic with the traditional way of making pongal...