Friday, September 26, 2008

Salt Cheedai

Salt Cheedai is also one of the krishna jeyanthi special.This is so crispy and very nice snack.

Rice flour-----2 cup
Butter---------4 spoons
Urad dhal------1/4 cup
white sesame --2 spoon


Thaw the rice flour lightly until it turns golden brown.
Add uraddhal powder and butter and mix it can add little coconut milk or coconut water while mixing it together.
Make tiny balls and make sure it is without cracks.
Heat the oil and then fry them .

It may crack little bit when frying,no problem.Still the taste will be perfect.
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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Sweet Cheedai

Now-a-days after started doing my masters i find it so hard to find time to spend time in my blog.Actually i along with my mom-in-law make a lot of dishes now but i deeply regret for not posting the dishes.okay,just got some time to pen in my blog.I didn't finish posting the krishna jeyanthi sweets yet,so i thought i shall complete these within this week.Now Sweet Cheedai...

Rice flour----------------2 cup
urad dhal-----------------1 spoon
jaggery-------------------1 1/2 cup
cardamom powder

Thaw the rice flour in the stove till it turns light brown.
Add the urad dhal powder with it and remove from heat.
Add jaggery to water and make sure it does not become so thick or so watery.
Add little coconut pieces and little white sesame with it along with the flour.This can be done with stove off.
Then mix them together and make round balls.
Heat Oil and deep fry them.

While frying in oil ,if it breaks it denotes that the sweet is more.Add little more rice flour and make the balls again and fry them.This tastes so good.

I am sending this to Mythreyee's Deep fried sweet series

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Cocunut Pozhli

My friend's first wedding anniversary just passed by and i made this sweet for her.This is her favorite.My mom in law and me made nice pozhli's and she liked it.Here you go..

Maida--------------1 1/2 cup
Coconut------------1 cup
Jaggery------------3/4 cup

Mix the maida with a pinch of salt,pinch of turmeric powder and mix it well and make the dough ,as you make the dough for chappathi.
Pour little ginger oil and leave it for atleast an hour.
Then make the paagu by adding water to jaggery and heating it.
When the jaggery is mixed with water and looks like a thin line add the coconut and stir it.
Add little cardamom powder.
The mix should be stirred till it becomes little solid,we should be able to make round balls.
Make small balls with the maida and just press it flat with hands,then keep the poornam(jaggery,coconut mix) and again it press it flat.
Just use little ghee while pressing so that it does not stick.
Then toast it in the tava with ghee.

This is a very yummy sweet that does not make us so tired.
Try this and post the comments to this.