Wednesday, February 4, 2009


Italian dishes are always so tasty and amazing ones.I wanted to make pasta for a long time.I made it twice earlier but didn't capture the picture of them.So when i made this time i took the picture without fail.I am not a big fan of cheese but still wanted to make the pasta do you want to know how??

Pasta shell------------2 cups
Olive Oil--------------1 spoon
chopped Broccoli-------3/4 cup
Chopped Carrots--------1/2 cup
Chopped squash---------1/2 cup
mushroom---------------1/4 cup (if you are a big fan of mushroom you can add more)
Chopped Onions---------1 cup
Tomato-----------------1 (big)
Tomato puree-----------3/4 cup
Alfredo sauce----------2 spoons
Pasta Sauce------------1/2 cup
Cheese-----------------2 spoons

Boil the water and put the shells in it to get cooked.
Cook the shells until they are soft.It may take 15-20 min
Heat the pan with Olive Oil and add the onions
Once the onions are fried add all the vegetables and let them cook for sometime.
When the vegetables are almost cooked add the tomato puree and let it cook until the raw smell goes off
Then add the Alfredo sauce and let it mix well with the vegetables
After a couple of minutes add the pasta sauce and once when it is all mixed up thoroughly add the pasta shells to it.
Add one spoon of salt and mix it well.
While adding salt be careful because all the sauces already have salt.
Sprinkle little parsley and very little Italian Seasoning and mix it well.
When it is done sprinkle the cheese and mix it well and take it off the stove.

Adding tomato puree was a great idea and this made the pasta so creamy with less alfredo and cheese.This tasted so great and i was so happy.

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Uma said...

looks so delicious.